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Date:2015/9/16    Author:admin    Hits:5947 

This standard is adopt nut:

Thread nominal diameter D < 39 mm;

Meet the requirements of GB/T 92 common thread;

Meet the requirements of GB/T 193 diameter and pitch combination;

Basic dimensions meet the requirements of GB/T 196;

Meet the requirements of GB/T197 tolerance;

Any shape;

The edge width in accordance with GB/T 3104;

Nominal height > 0.5 D.

Without this standard the following performance requirements:

Locking performance;


Corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance under special circumstances.

The purpose of this standard is to the performance of the stainless steel fasteners for grading. Some material in the air that can be used to the temperature to 200 ℃, and some material in the air that can be used to ten a temperature of 800 ℃. Effects of temperature on mechanical properties data, see appendix D (hint of appendix)

Over the use of high temperature or below freezing, oxidation and mechanical properties, corrosion resistance must by users and manufacturers agreement according to every special occasion. Appendix E (hint of appendix) is given about the influence of carbon content on the intergranular corrosion under high temperature conditions.

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