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Date:2015/9/16    Author:admin    Hits:3680 

This standard specifies the environment temperature is 10 ~ 35 ℃ under the condition of experiment, nut and mechanical properties of the provisions guarantee load value.

To determine the ambient temperature under the condition of compliance with this international standard products, under the high or low temperature, mechanical and physical properties may be different, the user should be pay attention to.

This standard is adopt nut:

Thread nominal diameter D = 8-39 mm (fine thread);

Meet the requirements of GB/T 192 common thread (fine thread);

Meet the requirements of GB/T 193 fine thread diameter and pitch;

Basic dimensions meet the requirements of GB/T 196;

Meet the requirements of GB/T 197 tolerance and cooperation;

Have specific mechanical requirements;

Made by carbon steel or alloy steel.

This standard does not apply to special performance requirements of nut, such as:

Locking performance


Corrosion resistance

Working temperature is higher than that of + 300 degrees or below - 50 degrees performance requirements.

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